• Paupers – Magic People

  • Paupers - Magic People (PACE-069)

    The Monterey International Pop Festival in June 1967 should have been The Paupers' launchpad to international fame.

    Only four months earlier, the Canadian folk-rock band had seemed destined for the top when Bob Dylan's manager Albert Grossman bought their contract and began hyping them as the next biggest thing since The Beatles


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  • Tracklist

    01. Magic People
    02. It's Your Mind
    03. Black Thank You Package
    04. Let Me Be
    05. Think I Care
    06. One Rainy Day
    07. Tudor Impressions
    08. Simple Deed
    09. My Love Hides From Your View
    10. You And Me
    11. Like You, Like Me (Bonus)
    12. Sooner Than Soon (Bonus)